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Media Integrated Applied Psychology, LLC, is a media publishing company based in Central Kentucky. Our company is dedicated to creating and publishing innovative,media-enriched approaches to wellness, with a focus on research and compassion. We strive to create products that have a greater impact on personal well-being and healthfulness, and are committed to a high standard of research-based imagery techniques that make a noticeable difference in people’s daily lives. Specifically, the products we release are meant to help others in their ability to tolerate daily stress, focus their attention in positive and fruitful directions, and grow a more grounded sense of self.


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Blown Away

"What an amazing and powerful tool for learning to control oneself in a world out of control! The music is soothing and beautiful; Evan has found the perfect balance between relaxation and empowerment. Equally amazing is Jen's script; each word is perfectly and carefully chosen for maximum impact. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't

May 15, 2016

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