Submission Guidelines for MIAP, LLC

Media Integrated Applied Psychology, LLC
PO Box 1136
Richmond Kentucky, 40475

Dear Contributor:

Thank you for your interest in Media Integrated Applied Psychology’s book and multimedia publishing company, established in 2008. We publish a small and select group of manuscripts, audio, and multimedia materials and are committed to finding new voices in research-based products. Our company prides ourselves on the integrity of our publications, and the opportunity we can offer to new voices in this industry. We accept submissions with the intention of helping and healing others through print or multimedia venues.

We treat every submission with care and respect for the integrity of the work. We know that what you submit to us is likely the most important creation you have ever made, and therefore, want you to feel you are embraced in a publishing community that strives for the best product and circulation.

Due to the limited number of titles we choose to publish, we must be extremely particular about the projects we endeavor to publish. Often decisions are made based on a number of factors beyond the merit of submissions. We have a philosophy of publishing authors and other artists, knowing that this one piece may just be a small representation of future creations. We are a community of researchers, clinicians, and artists striving to support others with diverse interests. Because of our commitment to new talent, we accept unsolicited manuscripts and varied media venues from others without agents.

That being said, please follow these guidelines when preparing your submission:


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